Add A Place In Word 2013

If you work in an environment where you require several people to contribute something towards a document, you probably understand the following problem: each person makes comments on their version of the document, and emails their changes back to you. You then have to compile all of their comments (which may contain duplicated points!) into your master document.

What a pain. This is time consuming and there is much room for error on your part.

In an ideal world, there would be just one document that everyone could access and to which your colleagues could add their comments.

Word 2013 offers that facility (as did Word 2010, to be fair). The first task you need to complete to allow your coworkers to collaborate on your documents is to add a place in Word 2013. This place could be on SharePoint or on SkyDrive, but we’ll look at sharing documents on SkyDrive in this example.

Add A Place

To add a place in Word 2013, click File > Save As > Add a Place.

Add A Place in Word 2013

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As we’re looking at SkyDrive in this example, click SkyDrive. You will need to sign in using your SkyDrive account password.
SkyDrive Sign In
Once signed in to SkyDrive, you’ll get the following welcome screen:

Zippies SkyDrive

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That’s it! Adding a place consists merely of recording your account details for SkyDrive or SharePoint in Word 2013. Now that Word knows your account details, it can save documents to SkyDrive or SharePoint, without bothering you for your login credentials in the future while you stay signed in. If you sign out, then of course Word will ask you to sign in before you can use SkyDrive or SharePoint.