Change The Office Background

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Changing The Office Background

The Office 2013 background is inextricably linked to your Microsoft account. This means that if you are not signed in, you won’t see the Office background. If you are signed in, the background is viewable in a variety of different places. When you first start Word 2013, for example, you can see the Office background in the top right corner. You can also see it in the top right of the ribbon. OK, it’s viewable in the top right of the workspace.

To change the Office background, click the File tab > Account, and change the Office Background selector.

Office Background

You don’t need to make your selection to see what it looks like; you can just hover over any of the options to see the background update immediately. There are quite a few backgrounds to choose from:



If you decide that you don’t want a background at all, you can select the No Background option at the top.

You can also change the Office Theme, but this has minimal effect. The choices on offer are White, Light Gray and Dark Gray.

Office Theme

The Office Theme affects things like the File tab and the background to the backstage options. There are three options:

Office Themes

For all the difference changing the background and theme makes, you might be wondering why bother? I can’t answer that question. I just wouldn’t bother changing the background or theme.