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The Ruler In Word 2013

Where is the ruler in Word 2013?

The more astute (and/or paranoid) among us might worry that the Microsoft team have done away with the ruler. Here’s the ruler in Word 2010:

The Ruler

The View Ruler icon, visible at the top of the vertical scrollbar in Word 2010 and previous versions is missing! Do we still have access to the ruler, and if so, how do we make it visible?

View Ruler Icon

Fear not: although the View Ruler icon is no longer with us, we can still turn the ruler on the old fashioned way.

No Ruler Icon

Click to the View tab and in the Show group make sure that Ruler is checked.View Ruler

Hey presto: the ruler. Note that the display of the ruler also conditions the display of other things, such as the tab icon and the vertical ruler:

Tabs and Ruler