The Status Bar In Word 2013

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Word 2013's Status Bar

The Status Bar in Word 2013 gives you an “at a glance” snapshot of important information about your document and is displayed at the bottom of your workspace, beneath the document content. Three pieces of information are displayed by default in everyone’s status bar: what page you are currently viewing, how many words are in the document and whether any proofing errors were found.

Status Bar In Word

However, you can configure the Word Status Bar to show different information.

Change The Status Bar In Word

The Status Bar In Word displays three pieces of information by default: what page you are on, the number of words in your document, and whether there are any proofing errors present (or at least proofing errors that Word can identify). You can add more information and remove existing information by right clicking on the Status Bar and selecting/deselecting the information that you want or don’t want.

Cutomize Status Bar

Anything with a tick against it will appear in the Status Bar, and if it doesn’t have a tick it won’t appear. Some pieces of information won’t be visible all the time, though. For example, in the screenshot above Document Updates Available has a tick, but an alert will only be displayed if there really are document updates available (if one of your work colleagues has changed the document you are currently viewing, for example).

Dynamic Information In The Status Bar

You can get additional information about different parts of your document, displayed in the Status Bar. For example, if you have pasted the contents of a web page into a Word document and the web page contains images, hovering over an image in your document will display the image’s internet URL in the Status Bar.

URL In The Status Bar

Additionally, you can view the image by holding down ctrl and left clicking on the image in your document.

Modes In Word

Typically, the information on the left on the Status Bar are about the document you are viewing, whereas the icons on the right tell you something about how you are using Word. Here you can see the mode and the zoom factor.

Statusd Bar Modes