Word 2013 Screenshots

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Screenshots In Word 2013

If a picture paints a thousand words, then why can’t I paint you? I just can’t – but what I can do is show you a screenshot of every tab that appears by default in the new (ok, not so new) ribbon in Word 2013. Our first impressions of Word 2013 were all well and good, but we thought a comprehensive collection of screenshots from each tab would stand you in better stead.

So here they are, labelled and everything:

Home Tab

Home Tab Screenshot

Insert Tab

Insert Tab Screenshot

Design Tab

Design Tab Screenshot

Page Layout Tab

Page Layout Tab Screenshot

References Tab

References Tab Screenshot

Mailings Tab

Mailings Tab Screenshot

Review Tab

Review Tab Screenshot

View Tab

View Tab Screenshot

Each of the images above is a smaller version of a full size one: click on it to display the big one! The main differences if you are coming from Word 2010? A flatter, more 2d like interface (a bit washed out?), capitals in the tab titles, options to sign in.