Remove Bold From Numbered List

Not many people know that you can format the numbers or bullets in a list differently to the list items themselves. This means that you can have a list that looks like this, for example:

Differently Formatted Numbers

To format the numbers separately from the other text, select any of the numbers in the list. You will see all the numbers selected.

Select A Number

Then use the standard formatting commands to format the numbers.

You can also format just one number in the list, too. For this, you will need to select the carriage return at the end of the desired list item.

Select Paragraph Return

Format that, and you format the number. You can get something like this:

Formatted Number

This leads us on to the solution to the problem of removing the bold from a numbered list. To remove the bold from all the numbers in a list, just select one number in the list (as shown above) and press ctrl + b. Ctrl + b is the keyboard shortcut for adding and removing bold. To remove the bold from only one number in the list, select the paragraph return at the end of that list item (again, see above) and press ctrl + b.

Job’s a good ‘un.

All the above instructions apply to both numbered lists and bulleted lists.