Can't Delete A Line In Word 2013

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I Can't Delete A Line In Word 2013

You have a horizontal line that you can’t delete in your document. How do you get rid of it? If we are working on a document created by someone else, we probably won’t know how the line was added. Even if we are working on a document created by ourselves, we may not remember how we created the line.

Get Rid

Here is a hint: borders.

If the line appears on a table, it could just be a simple case of changing the tables border attributes to get rid of the line (put your cursor in the table, go to the Table Tools > Design tab and click the Borders button).

If this pesky horizontal line is not on a table, then it may be a paragraph border. Paragraph borders can be quickly (and sometimes inadvertently) added by typing three or more hyphens and then pressing enter. The border is added to the preceding paragraph.

To remove the paragraph border, put your cursor in the paragraph and go to the Home tab > Paragraph group, and click on the Borders button. Select the No Border option (or any of the other border options that serve), and the horizontal line will be removed.

No Border

There is a keyboard shortcut for this: put your cursor in the paragraph with the border and then press ctrl + q.

Note: you can add different styles of paragraph border:

  • three or more hyphens (-) create a standard horizontal line
  • three or more underscores (_) create a bolder line
  • three or more equal signs (=) create a double line
  • three or more asterisks (*) create a dashed line
  • three or more tildes (~) create a wavy line
  • three or more hashes create a triple line