Headers And Footers In Word 2013

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Add Headers And Footers In Word 2013

A header appears at the top of each page of a Word document, and a footer appears at the bottom of every page. They both lie outside the main editing area of a document and you can’t amend them simply by accident. You have to take a very deliberate action to insert or change them.

Headers typically contain information like the title of your document or the company you work for, whereas footers often contain page numbers. It’s up to you what you put there though.

Adding Headers And Footers To A Document

If you want to quickly add or amend a header, double click in the header area. This area is above the main editing area of the document:

Double Click Header

It’s pretty obvious once the header is open for editing because the main content of the document goes a little transparent, it becomes protected, and you can start typing out your header. You can style the content in the header, just like the rest of the document, and you can insert images, etc.

Header Area

To close down the header and return to the document, double click anywhere outside the header.

The same process is used to edit the footer: double click in the footer area, add some text, images, etc, and then double click in the main document area.

Alternatively, you can use the ribbon to open up the header: go to the Insert tab and click Header in the Header & Footer group.

Ribbon Header

If you use this method, you can choose a pre-made header template to insert; on ethat is already styled for you. Just click on the one you want to insert. If you insert a header this way, you can still edit it by double clicking in the header area.

Whilst you are editing the header, you will notice the Header & Footer Tools tab appear in the ribbon. Here, you can control header related properties, like whether the first page of your document has a different header, whether odd pages have headers that are different to even pages etc. You can also clos the header by clicking on the big red “X” to the right of the tab.

Add Page Numbers To A Word Document

Adding page numbers to a Word document is a common task. You can add them quickly and easily by going to the Insert tab, then click on Page Number in the Header & Footer group.

Insert Page Numbers

Usually page numbers are displayed at the bottom of the document, but not always. Hover over the option that you need, and you will find an appropriate gallery of options from which to select.

Page Number Gallery

You can amend the footer added this way by double clicking in the footer area.

A common task to perform once you’ve added page numbers is to change their position. Open up the footer (or header, if that’s where you added them), place the cursor where the page number is and then select the text alignment option you need (Home tab > Paragraph group).

Text Alignment Options