Add A Table In Word 2013

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Adding a table in Word 2013

Adding a table in Word 2013 is quite easy. Go to the Insert tab and in the Tables group click on Table.

Insert A Table in Word 2013

There are several options available on the insert table window that opens up, but the quickest and easiest way is to use the squares on the grid. Just move your cursor over the grid and you’ll see the squares light up; they give an indication of how many rows and columns your table will contain. Click on the combination that fits the table you need and it will be inserted into your Word document.

A Table In Word

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Once your table has been added, you can start amending it or adding text/images/other objects to it. If you are familiar with how to manipulate tables in Word 2010 you should know that there are some changes in Word 2013. We’ll cover most of those changes in another tutorial, but one that you’ll need to know about straight away affects how you add new rows to your table.

Quick Tables

Another option for adding a table is to use the last selection in the menu above: Quick Tables (Insert > Table > Quick Tables). This option is good if you want something very specific like a calendar, but not so good if you need the flexibility of specifying the number of rows and columns you need in your table.