Insert Youtube Videos Into Word

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How To Insert Youtube Videos Into Word

And now for our feature presentation! Behold: the ability to insert Youtube videos into Word.

Word 2013 has a new command on the Insert tab: Online Video.

Insert Online Video Into Word

But it’s not so much the ability to insert videos into a Word document that captures the imagination, as the ability to watch them without leaving Word. I don’t know why this would be a better prospect than actually visiting the video site, but you have that ability, nonetheless. Perhaps the company you work for have some kind of firewall that prevents visits to Youtube etc.

Anyway, to insert an online video into Word click Insert > Online Video, and the Insert Video window is displayed.

Using Bing To Search For Videos

Insert Video Into Word

Notice that Bing Video Search is the first option, naturally, as Microsoft own Bing and it wouldn’t make sense not to push their search engine whenever the opportunity arises. You can use Bing to search for videos, as you would use any search engine to find a topic of interest. The results show only video, as in the following search:

Bing Video Search In Word

If you find a video you like, click on it to select it and then click Insert. You’ll see the video appear in your document.

Video In Word

There are some formatting options available for video in Word 2013, and we’ll explore those in future tutorials.

Inserting Video Embed Codes Into Word

You can also insert embed codes for videos you find into Word. This is useful if you are on Youtube, for example, and stumble on a video you’d like to put in your Word document. Beneath the video you should see a share tab and if you click that you will then see the Embed tag – that’s the one you need, so click it. Don’t do what the bozos did here and just insert the Youtube link into Word; it’s the embed code you need.

Copy the embed code from Youtube with a swift ctrl + v. Back in Word click Insert > Online Video, place the cursor in the box labelled From a Video Embed Code and paste the code in (ctrl + v). Press Enter and see your video appear in your document.

Playing Video In Word

However you insert your video into Word, the viewer can watch the video simply by clicking on it. When they do, the video enlarges somewhat and the rest of the Word document is greyed out so you can’t edit it. To get back to the document, just click anywhere in the document but away from the video and the video will stop. The document becomes editable again. You could also press the escape key.

Watch Video In Word

You can also add video from sites other than Youtube, like Vimeo and Metacafe, as long as they use embed codes.

To remove a video from your document, select it and press delete on your keyboard (or the backspace key).