Create Random Text In Word

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Creating Random Text In Word

Sometimes it’s useful to populate your document with some random text to get an idea of how it looks. Typing out paragraphs of text yourself would be a pain, but thankfully there is a tool that creates random text for you. You can create as much or as little random text as you want with


Type the above in, press Enter and Word will create five paragraphs of random text. It’s not actually random; it’s take from Microsoft Word’s help files. You can control how much random text gets created by typing in something like:


… and pressing Enter. This will create 10 paragraphs of random text. You can easily generate enough random text for any document you might have.

You can even control how many sentences are in each paragraph like this:

=rand(20, 2)

… which creates 20 paragraphs, each paragraph containing two sentences.