Install A Dictionary In Word 2013

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How To Install A Dictionary In Word 2013

Microsoft Word comes with a built in dictionary, but there are several reasons why you might want to install a dictionary in Word 2013. You might be able to speak multiple languages and need to create a document for French readers. Or perhaps you are proof reading a document written in Spanish. However, installing a dictionary in Word 2013 is not an intuitive process (but it’s not too difficult either).

Go to the Review tab and click Define (in the Proofing group). If you haven’t signed in already, you will be prompted to do so now. Look over the choices in the Dictionaries list, and then click Download to install the dictionary you want. After it downloads, the dictionary will open automatically in Word. From then on it will open whenever you click Define.

Install Another Dictionary

Installing additional dictionaries is a different process. Why on earth Microsoft made it so, we’ll never know. To install more dictionaries, this time you will need to go to the Microsoft store. Go to the Insert tab and click Apps for Office > See All > Find more apps at the Office Store. This will open up a new internet browser window. Find the dictionary you want and then click Add or Buy. Some apps are free, whereas others you have to pay for.

After you have selected Add or Buy, go to the Insert tab in Word, click the Apps for Office command (again) > See All.

Apps For Office

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You may need to click on Refresh to see the app you’ve just downloaded. Select the app and then click Insert. The usual way for dictionaries to work is that you select a word and then open the dictionary (by inserting the app as we’ve just seen). The dictionary provides its definition. After you have used the dictionary once, you should see it displayed in the Recently Used Apps section of the Apps for Office drop down.


Told you it wasn’t intuitive…

Dictionary Notes

When you click Define on the Review tab, it is the default dictionary that opens. To open up a different dictionary, click on Apps for Office on the Insert tab.