Pin Word 2013 To The Taskbar

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How To Pin Word 2013 To The Taskbar

The taskbar in Windows 7 provides a quick and easy way to open your most commonly used programs. It runs horizontally along the bottom of your screen and contains “quick start” icons for programs you might want to run, and also programs that are currently running. This is my taskbar:


1 is a taskbar item for a program that I can launch just by clicking on it, whereas 2 is a program that is already running. If you hover over a program that is already running, you get to see a small preview of what that screen looks like – like this:

taskbar Preview


How To Pin Word 2013 To The Taskbar

To pin Word 2013 to the taskbar, first of all you need to find Word. Click the Start button, and then in the search box start typing Word 2013. When you see Word 2013 in the list (like this):

Word 2013 In The List

… right click on it and select Pin to Taskbar.

Pin to Taskbar

Having icons appear in the taskbar that open up your most commonly used programs is a great way to speed up your workflow, however, you may decide that you no longer need a program pinned to the taskbar. If that is the case, simply right click on its icon and select unpin this program from taskbar. You can always put it back again should you change your mind.