SkyDrive Desktop App

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SkyDrive Desktop App Explained

SkyDrive is the location in Microsoft’s cloud where your documents can be stored. You don’t need to store them there, but storing them in SkyDrive gives you access to them wherever you are and whatever device you are using (ipad, laptop, desktop at home or at work) – provided that you have an internet connection.

However, even if you don’t have an internet connection available, you can still work on documents stored in SkyDrive, but you do it “locally”. But what about the differences that then occur between your locally stored document and the SkyDrive document? This is where the SkyDrive Desktop App comes in.

When you install the SkyDrive desktop app, a copy of your SkyDrive is downloaded to your PC and put in the SkyDrive folder.


You do get a choice of what folders to download to your computer when installing the app, but you can also select the whole of your SkyDrive. The download of all your SkyDrive documents may take some time to complete; the bigger the documents, the longer the time.

Once installed, an icon for the app will appear in your system tray.

SkyDrive Icon

That’s the icon that looks like a cloud.

The SkyDrive folder on your computer is kept in sync with SkyDrive in the cloud. If you add, change, or delete a file or folder on (the cloud), that file or folder is added, changed, or deleted in your SkyDrive folder and vice versa. Any changes you make locally to documents already in SkyDrive will automatically appear in SkyDrive and vice versa.

To upload files to SkyDrive automatically, all you have to do is copy or move the files to your SkyDrive folder using File Explorer, or save them in your SkyDrive folder in Word. Files you upload this way can be up to 2 GB in size. If you installed the SkyDrive app on other computers, the files will automatically be added to the SkyDrive folders on those, too. Of course, for all this synchronisation to take place you need to be signed in with your Microsoft account.

Microsoft have incorporated the word “SkyDrive” into their dictionary, as it no longer gets highlighted as a spelling error in Word!

Your SkyDrive Folder

Your SkyDrive folder will have a path like this: C:\Users\yourname\SkyDrive