Sign Out Of Word 2013

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How To Sign Out Of Word 2013

It would appear that Microsoft really, really, really want you to be signed in when using Word 2013. You only have to sign in once on a particular computer, and each time you open Word after that the program remembers your details. How strange. In any other application that requires a sign on you have to sign on each and every time you start it. Not Word 2013.

But the really annoying thing is that the Office team have hidden the sign out button! They don’t want you to sign out. Earlier today I needed to sign out of Word to demonstrate how Office backgrounds and themes are linked to accounts, but could I find the sign out button?

Well, to save you the time (and frustration), here is how you sign out:

Click the File tab > Account, and the sign out link is just below your avatar.

Sign Out From Word 2013

As all the Office programs have a standardised interface and way of working, the sign out process is the same in all of them. I don’t know why Microsoft have this push to have you logged in all the time. Maybe it’s to try and cut down on pirated software use, or maybe it’s because they simply like keep tabs on you.