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It barely seems like two minutes ago that Word 2010 was released to the public, and yet here now is Word 2013. Many potential users may be confused by the presence of another shadowy figure though; that of Office 365. So what is the difference between Office 2013 and Office 365?

Simply put, Office 365 is a subscription based service that lets you use all the Office applications in conjunction with the cloud. Web versions of Word, Excel, Powerpoint etc allow you to store your documents, spreadsheets and presentations in ?he cloud? This is merely jargon way of saying that Microsoft store your data on their servers. And, in fact, you can use the cloud with Office 2013, too, it? just that the web based programs (Office 365) are more geared to using the cloud because, well, they?e web based.

On the other hand, Office 2013 requires a one off payment to install the Office applications on your computer. So, to recap the major differences:

  • Office 365 ?you have to pay a monthly subscription to use the programs
  • Office 2013 ?you pay a one off price to buy the programs

A quick visit to Microsoft? site will show you that they are really pushing the subscription based service (Office 365). They probably see more revenue being earned via this model. Call me old fashioned, but I would rather pay the one off fee and have the software installed on my machine. It? horses for courses, though, and different users will prefer different options.

Breaking news: Microsoft Word 2016 has now been released and is in widespread use so get the low down on these tutorials on Word 2016, and become an annoying guru!